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Who is Brecs

Rosalinde Blom Is the driving force behind Brecs with over 20 years of experience in executive search.

As a recruiter at various agencies and corporates, she has developed into a broadly experienced executive search consultant. In addition, she led the development of the organizations where she worked and was at the cradle of a recruitment & selection agency for high potentials.

As a result, she has a clear view of candidates and companies, which enables them to create the perfect ‘ culture ‘ and/or ‘ diversity ‘ match.

All this experience brings rosalinde in practice under her own brand name Brecs.

Rosalinde is very sporty, plays tennis, runs, rides and has a family with three children and a dog.

Brecs works differently.
With her enthusiasm, passion, professional and personal social network, Rosalinde is able to find the right person at the right company for the right job. Or to undertake a targeted search that brings the right person to the table.

Brecs works proactively: relationships are built and maintained with vision. Rosalinde therefore knows exactly when a candidate is in a step and at which company the candidate fits.

Rosalinde is a keen analytical interviewer and therefore manages to penetrate the core. She holds a mirror, let people think about themselves.

Would you like to know more about Brecs ‘ special approach and do you want to experience the first-hand click yourself? Please contact us.

A first personal conversation will help you choose the right Executive Search agency for your specific position.

Brecs: High Tech Industries Executive Search.


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