What Brecs stands for

More than 20 years of experience in executive search makes Rosalinde Blom the driving force behind Brecs.

From a recruiter for several agencies and corporates, she has evolved into a highly experienced executive search consultant. Moreover, she was in charge of the development of the organisations she worked for and stood at the forefront of a recruitment and selection agency for high achievers.

This provides her with a clear picture of candidates and companies, enabling her to facilitate the perfect ‘culture’ and/or ‘diversity’ match.

Rosalinde has put all this experience into practice under her own Brecs brand.

Rosalinde enjoys sport, plays tennis, runs, cycles and her family includes three children and a dog.

Brecs has a different approach.
Because of her enthusiasm, passion, professional and personal social network Rosalinde, unlike others, is able to find the right job for the right person in the right company. All the aforementioned enables her to perform specific searches that bring the right person to the table.Brecs has a proactive approach: relationships are nurtured and maintained with vision. Rosalinde knows exactly when a candidate is ready to take the next step and what company would be the most appropriate match.Rosalinde is a sharp, analytical interviewer, which enables her to penetrate to the core. She holds up a mirror for people to reflect upon themselves.

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Brecs: High-Tech Industries Executive Search.


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