High Tech Industries Executive Search

What Brecs does

Brecs finds the right candidates for companies in High Tech industries. Or helps highly educated candidates find a perfectly matching employer. Brecs …
Brecs often performs complex functions, unburdens and can take the entire recruitment & selection process out of your hands. From the drafting of a job profile to the signature under the contract of employment.
Or in clear modular services.

The Brecs Blocs® System of clear services modules makes a pragmatic, informed choice in total or partial assistance.

Brecs starts with creating clarity, first getting the question right in the picture. If it is clear, it will quickly get results. Clear and open communication, recognizing underlying ambitions and challenges and connecting people and companies from passion.

From the need of the company or the candidate, Brecs comes up with a clear roadmap to implement that need for a well-substantiated rate.

Brecs stands for:

  • Proactive and personal action.
  • Confidentiality for organizations and businesses.
  • Quality, clear and open communication, enthusiasm and energy.
  • A strong and continuously maintained network of professionals and organisations.
  • Total or partial unburdening of the executive search process.
  • Short turnaround times.

Please contact us for the possibilities and conditions.


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