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Brecs has a successful track record in the placement of staff with leading high-tech companies. Ranging from experienced managers to inspiring MT and executives. Active both in the domestic market and abroad in the following sectors: manufacturing, oil & energy, chemicals & petrochemical, installations & construction and production. From corporate organisations to family businesses.

Brecs is refreshingly different, thanks to a transparent and personal approach; always able to find the perfect match based on the right cultural and functional chemistry.

Brecs offers clients a clear proposition. The complete process of recruitment and selection of senior professionals or the unburdening of one or several parts of the process. The process is divided into separate steps, the Brecs Blocs®.

The Brecs Blocs® can be deployed in any possible combination. All together, or individually. There is always a clearly stated objective, a step-by-step plan, the intended result and a consistent price.

Brecs Blocs®

Bloc 1:

Drafting of and/or engaging in the job profile:
Brecs as an extension of your company: relieving the customer of the job of drafting the correct job profile.

Output: A well-written analysis of your company’s DNA and a profile of the job and the ideal candidate.

Bloc 2:

Search strategy, Action plan and longlist:
Putting together a search strategy, action plan, market and competitor analysis. Are there any potential candidates within or outside the existing BRECS network that meet the requested job profile and that are in the step of their careers? Which organizations employ candidates that could be suitable? Output: A search strategy, action plan and longlist.

Output: A search strategy, action plan and longlist.

Bloc 3:

Screened shortlist:
Drafting a screened shortlist by conducting personal, in-depth interviews with candidates employing a variety of methods.

Output: A comprehensive report of the results and a substantiated recommendation of the top 3 most suitable candidates.

Bloc 4:

Selection and screening:
Relieving of your organisation in the selection of candidates. You have potential candidates and Brecs ensures the screening of the Resumes, the In-depth interviews, the culture-match, the appointment planning and invitations.

Output: a clear report of the findings and a reasoned recommendation of the most suitable candidates.

Bloc 5:

Facilities Services:
BRECS provides reference research, contract negotiation or contract arrangement, legal check on the competition or relationship clause.

Bloc 6:

Advice and guidance in a selection interview:
For many managers in companies, conducting a selection conversation is not a daily activity. Brecs can assist you in the preparation and execution of selection interviews. You get clear, usable handles to get the most out of the conversation needed for the best choice.
Output: clear advice, a discussion strategy that fits the function and a clear list of competences with possible depth questions.

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