High Tech Industries Executive Search

About Brecs

Brecs is a full-service Executive Search Agency for senior positions in high-tech industries.

From a thorough knowledge of industries and companies and a broad network among the most important players, Brecs makes the right match between candidate and client. A match that allows fulfilment of ambitions of both parties.

Brecs has a successful track record in the placement of staff with leading high-tech companies. From energy and chemistry to construction and installation, from corporate to family business.

Ranging from experienced managers to inspiring MT members and executives, inside and outside Europe.

Brecs is refreshingly different. Due to its transparent and personal approach, it is always able to The Make a match based on the right cultural and functional click.

Clients recognise themselves in the tailor-made professional services and advice. The Brecs Blocs® System of clear services modules makes a pragmatic, informed choice in total or partial uncaring.

Candidates who are ambitious and educated in technical disciplines appreciate Brecs because of the large active network, the personal approach and the driven role as a counselor for career development.


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